The CLASSY Industry Workshop was held online on Monday, 16 October 2023, attracting 70 participants from the industry and academia. The event, titled “Bioreactions in flow reactors: bringing out the potential applications for cell-free synthetic biology”, zoomed in on the hot topic of cell-free enzymatic pathways in flow through eight talks by ten experts in the field.

Guided by Prof. Wolfgang Kroutil (Universität Graz), the CLASSY partners and scientists in systems chemistry showcased the latest results of the project: Prof. Wilhelm Huck (Radboud University Nijmegen) kicked off with a talk titled “Optimal experimental design strategies for optimising immobilized enzymatic reaction networks”. Subsequently, Dr. Christoph K. Winkler (Universität Graz) showcased the challenges with light and enzymes in flow; and Dr. Elwin Vrouwe (Micronit) ended the project research results with the layout of a general-purpose perfusable microfluidic reactor array.

Giving way to the six guest industry experts in the field of biocatalysis who raised the presentations towards the industry: Dr. David Roura Padrosa (inSEIT Biotech), Dr. Mattia Lazzarotto and Dr. Stefan Payer (Enzyan Biocatalysis), Dr. Rob Schoevaart (ChiralVision), Dr.Javier Ibáñez (EnginZyme) and Dr. David Liese (Enzymicals), showcased their latest research on the topic and actively answered to all the questions from the attendees. To foster the knowledge exchange between the academic sector and industrial R&D departments, each presentation was followed by a dedicated Q&A session. The workshop ended with an interesting panel discussion with all the speakers, led by Prof. Wolfgang Kroutil and Prof. Wilhelm Huck, concerning the potential applications of the Innovations in the industry.

All these excellent lectures are highlighted in the workshop recording and come up with the fact that applying all these innovations into the industry will accelerate the development greately. The speakers pointed out that all of them will keep on pushing the flow chemistry and the enzymes (either in cascades or batch) to have more showcases from which all can learn and improve further for the future industrial applications of cell-free synthetic biology.

Did you miss (parts of) the event or want to know more than these key takeaways from the workshop? You can also watch the full video on the CLASSY YouTube channel.