New CLASSY publication in PNAS

Exciting news from Andrés de la Escosura’s team at UAM and Gonen Ashkenasy’s team at BGU: their first CLASSY results have just been published in PNAS. Getting one step further towards understanding the processes at the origin of life, the published results reveal a successful attempt at replicating simple nucleopeptide chimeras. The authors identified mechanisms of selective replication processes that may be realted to those that led to the emergence of biological assemblies, such as ribosomes and viruses. Read all about their findings in: Anil Kumar Bandela, Nathaniel Wagner, Hava Sadihov, Sara Morales-Reina, Agata Chotera-Ouda, Kingshuk Basu, Rivka Cohen-Luria, Andrés de la Escosura, Gonen Ashkenasy. Primitive selection of the fittest emerging through functional synergy in nucleopeptide networks. PNAS. 2021, 118